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South Florida Woman Plunges to Death From West Palm Beach Rooftop Club

News for Florida personal injury lawyers—Woman tells club-goers, "Look what I can do," before falling two stories from Roxy's rooftop in West Palm Beach.

Florida Personal Injury Lawyers report: Woman falls to death from South Florida rooftop bar.
South Florida Woman Plunges to Death From West Palm Beach Rooftop Club

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West Palm Beach, FL—The woman who fell to her death from a South Florida rooftop dance club early Monday, Dec. 20, 2010 allegedly told fellow party-goers, “Look what I can do,” just before the fatal accident occurred. According to information provided by NBC Miami, the victim plunged from the roof of Roxy’s pub in West Palm Beach around 1:30 a.m.

Reports indicated Jessica Harris, 39, was on the roof of Roxy’s pub, where a club called Sky 309 is located, when she decided to hop over the rooftop’s security rail. Harris then said, “Look what I can do,” before apparently losing her footing and falling two stories.

According to information posted on the Ohio State University Medical Center’s website, unintentional injuries are the fifth leading cause of death overall.

Falls were listed as the second leading cause of fatal unintentional injuries, accounting for 14.8 percent of the total number of casualties in that particular group.

Police are expected to conduct a full investigation into the deadly Clematis Street accident. It was not clear if Harris was intoxicated when she fell to her death.

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