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Viral Outbreak at Rochester Hills MI Nursing Home Reported to Local Health Dept.

Michigan public safety and health news—Residents barred from leaving, visitors banned from entering Rochester Hill nursing home due to viral outbreak.

Viral outbreak reported at Michigan nursing home.
Viral Outbreak at Rochester Hills MI Nursing Home Reported to Local Health Dept.

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Rochester Hills, MI—The outbreak of an unknown viral disease spurred the administrators of a Michigan nursing home to quarantine its residents and forbid visitors from entering the building. While Boulevard Health Center, located in the Detroit suburb of Rochester Hills, reported the viral outbreak to the Oakland County Health Department, details remain scarce, according to a Dec. 20, 2010 Chicago Tribune report.

A Boulevard Health Center receptionist, Denise Miller told reporters that residents of the nursing home are banned from leaving the premises as a means of preventing the spread of the suspected gastrointestinal illness. Additionally, no visitors are currently allowed inside the nursing home.

Miller contended that officials are “trying to get everybody better.” The number of sickened residents remained unknown. There are reportedly 150 to 180 elderly citizens who live at the nursing home.

The Oakland County Health Department was expected to receive more information concerning the viral outbreak soon.

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