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Two Miami-Dade Police Officers Injured in Crash with SUV, Pedestrian

News for Florida auto accident lawyers—Four people, including two Miami-Dade police officers and a pedestrian, suffered various injuries in Miami collision.

Two Miami-Dade police officers hurt in crash.
Two Miami-Dade Police Officers Injured in Crash with SUV, Pedestrian

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Miami, FL—Four people, including two Miami-Dade police officers, suffered injuries ranging from minor to serious in a chain-reaction collision Thursday night, January 6, 2011. The Miami Herald reported that a Miami-Dade police cruiser and a black Mitsubishi SUV collided, causing the SUV to hit a pedestrian at the intersection of Northwest 22nd Avenue and 75th Street shortly after 6 p.m.

According to information provided, two Miami-Dade police officers were en route to a call of auto theft in progress when the cruiser they were occupying clipped the back of an SUV, propelling it into a pedestrian. The pedestrian became pinned against a pole on impact.

Though the cruiser, which was traveling north on 22nd Ave., reportedly had its lights activated at the time, it was not clear if the siren was on. The sport utility vehicle was headed west on 75th Street when the violent crash occurred.

Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel were dispatched to the scene to aid those injured in the cruiser-SUV collision. An unidentified backseat passenger who was riding in the SUV suffered serious injuries after he/she was ejected from the vehicle. That passenger was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The pedestrian who was pinned by the SUV allegedly suffered non-life threatening injuries and was also transported to Jackson Memorial for treatment. Khaled Alsoudi, who works at Top Beauty Supply shop at the intersection of Northwest 22nd Avenue and 75th Street, said the pedestrian’s first name is James.

Alsoudi witnessed the accident, stating, “It went boom really, really loud… It shook everybody.”

The two Miami-Dade deputies were rushed to area hospitals to be treated for minor injuries sustained in the collision.

Investigations were expected to be underway.

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