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Recall Alert: Christmas Tree Shops Recalls Oven Rack Guard Due to Fire Hazards

News for product liability lawyers—Fire hazards, injury risks spur Christmas Tree Shops, CPSC to recall Oven Rack Guard.

CPSC Image: Recall announced on Oven Rack Guard due to fire risks.
Recall Alert: Christmas Tree Shops Recalls Oven Rack Guard Due to Fire Hazards

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Union, NJ—Christmas Tree Shops, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, voluntarily recalled Oven Rack Guard sold at Christmas Tree Shops due to fire hazards associated with the product. The CPSC announced the recall, which affects approximately 430 units, on Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011.

The recalled Oven Rack Guard was imported by Nantucket Distributing Co. Inc, of New Jersey, and sold at Christmas Tree Shops predominantly in the New England, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions in October 2010. The product sold for about $3.

Christmas Tree Shops received word of nine incidents in which the product caused smoke or caught fire, three of which resulted in property damage and five of which left consumers suffering from “injuries, such as headache, sore throat, nausea and eye irritation from smoke.”

The recall was initiated after the company discovered that the product fails to withstand high temperatures, as stated on the packaging. The Oven Rack Guard has the potential to overheat, leaving consumers at risk of fire and injury hazards.

According to the CPSC news release, “The recalled Oven Rack Guard is intended to be placed on an oven rack to prevent burns on the arms or wrist when placing items in or removing them from an oven. The Oven Rack Guard is off white in color, 18 inches long and contains five metal snaps that secure the Oven Rack Guard to the oven rack. The SKU number is 66262 and the UPC number is 15697769. Both numbers are located on the package.”

Consumers have been urged to cease use of the defective Oven Rack Guard and return it to any Christmas Tree Shop location to obtain a full reimbursement.

For more information concerning the recall, consumers may contact Christmas Tree Shops toll-free at (888) 287-3232 any time, or visit the company’s website at

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