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Amite LA Accident: Police Cruiser Leading Funeral Procession In Truck Crash

News for Louisiana auto accident lawyers — Police vehicle crashes into truck while leading a funeral procession.

Amite LA Accident: Police Cruiser Leading Funeral Procession In Truck Crash

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Amite, LA—Louisiana State Police (LSP) officials reported that an officer was involved in a truck crash. The police vehicle slammed into a pickup truck Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011, claiming the life of a 76-year-old motorist. According to information provided by WWLTV, the fatal motor vehicle collision (MVC) occurred as the police cruiser was leading a funeral procession on LA 16 near Tangipahoa Township.

Reports indicated officer Brandon Alford was behind the wheel of a marked police cruiser and was escorting a funeral procession on eastbound LA 16 Saturday afternoon.

Around 2:20 p.m., a Dodge pickup truck driven by Ira Vaughn failed to yield to traffic upon entering LA 16 from a private drive way. The police cruiser subsequently crashed into the side of the pickup truck, causing Vaughn to be ejected from the vehicle.

Vaughn, who was not wearing his seatbelt at the time, was rushed to North Oaks Medical Center where his traumatic injuries eventually proved fatal.

Alford, who was wearing his seatbelt at the time, was also transported to the hospital. The police officer reportedly suffered moderate injuries in the wreck, which happened approximately one mile from I-55 in Tangipahoa Twp.

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