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Orange MA Plane Crash Kills New Hampshire Woman, Injures Father

News for Massachusetts aviation accident lawyers—NTSB, FAA to probe fatal plane crash that occurred just outside Orange Municipal Airport.

Passenger killed, pilot injured in Massachusetts fatal aviation accident.
Orange MA Plane Crash Kills New Hampshire Woman, Injures Father

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Orange, MA—A twin-engine plane crashed Saturday, January 1, 2011, injuring the pilot and claiming the life of his daughter, a passenger aboard the aircraft. The National Transportation Safety Board is leading an investigation into the fatal aviation accident, which occurred at Orange Municipal Airport around 6 p.m., according to information provided by

Reports stated 56-year-old Steven T. Fay was piloting his Cessna 310F twin-engine plane and was approaching Orange Municipal Airport when the aircraft went out of control for unknown reasons. Upon doing so, it crashed into a shallow marsh on private property just outside airport boundaries.

Steven Fay’s daughter, 34-year-old Jessica L. Fay, of Hillsborough, New Hampshire, was killed on impact. Responding fire rescue personnel pronounced her dead at the scene.

The pilot, who was found outside of the wrecked aircraft, was rushed to UMass Memorial Medical Center—University Campus in Worcester—to be treated for unspecified injuries.

According to a nursing supervisor at the hospital, Steven Fay was expected to be released the following day.

Detectives are apparently in the process of determining whether tall trees near the crash scene contributed to the accident.

“If the FAA determines the tree tops are penetrating the airspace they may determine they need to be removed… The homeowner owns right up to the fence. If the trees are in-line with the main approach (to the airport), there is legal recourse for that,” explained John G. Vanbobo, assistant airport manager.

NTSB officials, along with authorities from the Federal Aviation Administration, are expected to conduct a full probe into the Massachusetts plane wreck.

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