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Miami FL Man’s Legs Severed When SUV Pinned Him to Fence

News for Florida personal injury lawyers — Man's legs severed in accident.

Miami FL Man’s Legs Severed When SUV Pinned Him to Fence

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Miami, FL—Authorities are expected to investigate a Saturday night, Jan. 15, 2011 wreck that left a pedestrian hospitalized in serious condition. The pedestrian apparently became pinned between a Ford Bronco and a wrought-iron fence after the Bronco collided with another SUV that was traveling the wrong-way down the road, the Associated Press reported.

Police reported that a sport utility vehicle was traveling the wrong way on a Miami street when it smashed into a Ford Bronco. The collision propelled the Bronco into a man, causing him to become pinned between the SUV and a fence. The man’s legs were severed in the accident.

According to Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Ignatius Carroll, after the traffic accident occurred, a fight broke out for unknown reasons. Seven people were reportedly injured in the melee. Additionally, two people were arrested for allegedly obstructing paramedics who responded to the crash scene.

Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel rushed the injured pedestrian, who remained unidentified, to an area hospital to be treated for his serious injuries.

It was not clear if the drivers of either SUV suffered injuries in the collision.

Investigations into the violent Miami motor vehicle accident are expected to be underway.

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