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Caldwell County NC School Bus Crash Sends 8 Students, Driver to Hospital

News for North Carolina auto accident lawyers—Eight high school students, bus driver injured when school bus hit hit patch of ice, crashed into tree.

Eight North Carolina high school students injured in school bus crash.
Caldwell County NC School Bus Crash Sends 8 Students, Driver to Hospital

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Caldwell County, NC—Eight South Caldwell High School students suffered injuries when the Caldwell County Schools bus they were in crashed Thursday morning, Jan. 6, 2010. The school bus accident happened along Hurricane Hills Road near Granite Falls, according to information provided by WSOCTV.

Reports indicated Caldwell County Schools Bus No. 253 was en route to South Caldwell High School when it hit a patch of ice and went out of control. The school bus, which was carrying 25 students at the time, then careened off the road and crashed into a tree.

According to students who were on the bus, the tree stopped the school bus from overturning. Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel transported eight students to area hospitals to be treated for unspecified injuries. The bus driver also suffered injuries.

Caldwell County Schools officials said the 6:30 a.m. school bus crash occurred a couple hours after the district had a few people check weather and roadway conditions. From 4 a.m. to 5:30 a.m., roadway conditions were suitable for driving.

However, shortly after district officials decided to begin school on a normal bus route, temperatures dropped below freezing, causing black ice to form.

The students who were injured in the bus wreck were expected to be OK.

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